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  • Launched September 2nd, 2019

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Welcome to my musings, my philosophical inner sanctum. I hope you enjoy your stay and expand your mind by reading those things that come to my mind. Debate is welcome. – Marcus Levis

Personal Quote of November 2k19

“I live my life, the only way I know how; ethically, spiritually and candidly.” Marcus Levis 2K19
  • 2 Month of the Blog!

    November 2, 2019 by

    Hello everyone and welcome aboard Marcus Philosophy’s here on WordPress! I am so happy to say that the site has now been running for over 2 months! We climbed again this month from 9 followers the end of the last month, to 14 now! I want to shout out to all of my followers and… Read more

  • Philosophy #12 – Doing right by my College Self

    November 13, 2019 by

    College for me was a wonderful experience. 4 years that despite the ups and downs that come with any lengthy thing, I would not trade for the world. There are certainly things that I would greatly improve if I could go back, but I have never been one to enjoy thinking in such a way.… Read more

  • Mid-Week and feeling good!

    November 13, 2019 by

    Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog! So, because of the bit of burnout that I experienced over the last week or so of course means that there is going to have to be some sort of catching up that needs to be done, and I am here with the energy and gusto back… Read more

  • Welcome to Week 11 one and all!

    November 11, 2019 by

    Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog. I was a little under the weather last week (burnout as you can read in the last post) and I unfortunately did not get around to posting again! I am back and feeling a hell of a lot better and ready to keep the site going and… Read more

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